Want to watch your marketing spend flourish?
Bee can help.

With half a million of your customers booking and buying through Facebook Ads every single day, isn’t it time you harnessed its power to turn that honey into money for your business?

Hey Business Beekeeper, it’s Queen Bee here.

I heard through the honeycomb that you’re sick of getting stung by bad ROI. That you want to bring in qualified, ready-to-buy, returning leads every month, without lifting a finger to acquire them. That the idea of doubling your sales (without doubling your spend) has you as excited as a naughty wasp in an ice-cream van.

Running a business is hard. But marketing it is harder – and for the average business owner, the world of social advertising is nothing but a minefield of things to learn and mistakes to make.

The cold hard nectar: Your weekends are spent in front of a computer, dishing out your credit card info on an advertising campaign you’re not even sure will work. You receive overseas enquiries that say “how much?”, “give me a job”, “interested in marriage”, and you scratch your head at an analytical dashboard that looks like gibberish. You’re wasting money on something you don’t fully understand, missing out on precious time with your loved ones, and the leads you are bringing in never seem to buy, or come back.

I’ve hit the nail on the head, haven’t I?
Well, call me Dr Buzz, ‘cause it sounds like you need a healthy dose of Vitamin Bee.

My colony and I are some the best Facebook Marketing and Automation experts this side of the southern hemisphere.

Every single day we help businesses just like yours ramp up their lead generation efforts with Facebook funnel automation that double their leads, nurture their customers into happy, returning evangelists and make them money while they sleep. The best part? They don’t have to spend a cent more than they’re already spending.

And – all of this happens in 90 days or less. Guaranteed.

So, if you’re buzzing to take the guesswork out of Social Ads, gain back your time, double your profits, and watch your online marketing flourish, then stop winging it and let’s chat.

And let’s make some sweet business honey… uh, money, shall we?

We turn bumbling leads into buzzing customers.

And we do this through building an automated, scalable and reliable lead generation system that works for your business.

The process hums along a little like this.

Planning: aka cross-pollinating ideas
We use your business objectives to lay the foundation for a kickass Facebook automation strategy that attracts and converts leads. On our call, we get a clear picture of your brand personality, who your customers are, as well as their pain-points, and cross-pollinate this with our tried and tested Killer Bee social media strategy.
Setup: aka building the hive
We set up your entire Facebook automation funnel, from end-to-end. This includes building the page bot that’ll “welcome” your customers, setting up your lead magnet ad campaigns (yep, all six of ‘em) as well as creating and connecting your sales landing pages. We take care of all of the copy, design, software and systems, so you can focus on doing what you do best: delighting your new customers.
Measuring Results: aka taste-testing our nectar
We tweak and optimise, so your lead flow gets smarter and more profitable. We find gaps, drop-offs and loopholes to identify opportunities for even better conversion, and we present this to you clearly and concisely, in language you understand. We show you growth reports, so you can see the magic, and help you get clear on your customers’ lifetime value.
Generating Profit: aka making sweet, sweet honey
We spin all of this worker bee wisdom into deliciously decadent money, honey. In short: we connect you with people looking for what you have to offer; and help them feel confident in their decision to book, buy or work with you. We’re talking bums on seats, phones off the hook and full carts at checkout.

Plus, you can turn our funnels on or off as you please. Going on holiday? Pairing back work? You control your lead flow, as and when it suits you.

Hive got a good feeling about this. Want a free scoop from the honeypot?

I want to offer you a free 30-minute strategy call, where we chat about your sales process, goals and roadblocks. Using all of those golden nuggets, I’ll come up with a personalizzzed strategy for your business that includes an analysis of your competitors and audience, a funnel map of how I’ll capture them, ad copy creative examples and some ideas for your landing pages. I do this because I’m so confident you’ll be buzzing by the end of it, you’ll become one our clients.

But even if not, the strategy will be yours to keep, no wings attached.


Couple that strategy call with our free 20-Item Foolproof Checklist To Instantly Improve Your Facebook Marketing and you’ll have leads coming out the hoo-ha. We’ve compiled a checklist of every single thing a small business owner should know to catapult their digital marketing efforts, and now it’s yours.

For free. No strings attached.

In nature, the bee chooses the flower.
In business, the client chooses Digital Marketer Bee.

So why should you? Well, unlike other direct response marketing agencies, ours works as an extension of your business. We establish your authority straightaway and architect your buyers’ journey through Facebook ad targeting, bringing them right to your virtual door. We have a direct impact on their decision-making process, so in that way, we help you control your leads behaviour.

It’s that perfect potion of strategy, psychology and puppeteering.

Very few agencies know how to do this as well as us, and certainly not within a guaranteed 90-day timeframe. But we’re a little special, if you hadn’t already guessed. Every worker bee in our colony are experts at what they do, passionate about delivering mind-blowing results for our clients, and bringing their best to their work. Whether it’s copywriting, design, funnel setup, bot magic, or analytics – get ready for the un-bee-lievable.

Our clients are practically buzzing…

“Bee has been designing and building a webpage for me. This process was something I had been putting off doing because I am unskilled and very hesitant in this area. During this process Bee was great to work with, her product knowledge was far ranging and she was able to communicate to me in ways that I could understand how to get the best benefit from the new tools she provided. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me, the result being an immediate increase in enquiries and bookings for my small business.”
“We have found Bee at, Digital Marketer Bee, of great assistance in helping us understand and begin to navigate the Facebook and Google media space. Bee is attentive and thoughtful in addressing any of our questions or knowledge gaps.”
“Hi Bee, you were one of the key players from the start with your super social media expertise. Without this we could not have achieved the support we did.”

Some honey’s we’ve helped…